Posted On: May 151, 2022
The number one reason that we hear from Plan Participants when they finally reach out to us when they are having problems or trying to get answers about claims is they “didn’t want to bother us”, and we want you to know that it bothers us when you don’t bother us. Your 1st call should not be to UMR or Sav-Rx, it should be to Fund staff. The Fund currently has 2 customer service agents, Tamara and Ed, in addition to Administrator's Rick Rhodes and Mike Sedgwick. All of these individuals are quite adept at problem solving and know right where to go and who to speak to in getting your issue resolved as quickly as possible. And in the worst case scenario can explain to you in plain English why something is what it is. Please feel free to bother us, that’s what we are here for, no issue is too small, no question is a dumb question...and if you don’t bother us then you’ll just hurt our feelings! Office number 561-969-6663
  • Palm Beach County Fire Fighters Employee Benefits Fund

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