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Health & Wellness Center

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm

Saturdays 9am - 5pm

Closed 1st Wednesday of month from 3-6pm for training.

Front Desk/Appointments: 561-969-6663

Pharmacy: 561-337-3353

Clinic/Medical Records Fax: 561-721-3106

List of Wellness Center Services

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List of Available Medications from Wellness Center

List of Lab Tests Performed in Wellness Center Laboratory

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When having blood drawn at the doctors office


To Locate a Provider

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It’s your responsibility to inform your doctor!!!

It’s not just for employees!

All participants of the PBC FF’s Employee Benefits Fund are eligible to use the EAP network of over 20 local providers.  Wide variety of counseling services are available, and the best part…………

It’s absolutely

100% confidential

Call Ellen Flaum, Administrator of the EAP @ 561-968-1505 to get started today.



Cord Blood (Stem Cell)


Adult Stem Cell

  • "Your Benefits Fund, You Can Control the Cost"
    Benefit Fund News

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates



    To read all of the Benefits Fund COVID-19 email updtaes


    Click the link below for a short but informative video from our partners at UnitedHealthCare

    Besides following the simple hygiene practices outlined in the video you should consider a visit to the clinic sooner rather than later when signs of a cold or any respiratory illness begins.

    While there is no out right cure for the Coronavirus as of yet there is a value to rapid medical treatment for the symptoms of the disease.

    The team at your medical facility will aggressively treat your condition with all the tools at their disposal.

    On duty personnel need to remain extremely diligent in practicing good hygiene and seek rapid intervention of any cold/flu like symptoms.

    While we can't cure this virus we can help stop the spread and bad outcomes in our small sphere of the world.

    Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.   





    Benefits Fund Trustee Elections    

    March 2, 2020

    To all participants of the Employee Benefits Fund,

    The Board of Trustees for the PBC FF’s Employee Benefits Fund has taken action to create terms of office for Trustees. Each Trustee position will be up for election/re-election every five (5) years with one (1) position up for election this year (2020).   New Trustees will take office on June 1st of each year.

    Beginning March 2nd and concluding on March 31st we will be accepting letters of interest from individuals who would like to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Insurance Fund.  Interested individuals must be a current or retired member of PBCFR who is currently enrolled in the Insurance Fund.  You may include up to a two page resume, and one page of other qualifications and/or description of reason(s) desiring the position which will be shared with all members eligible to vote.

    Between April 6th and 10th a list of the candidates for the vacancy shall be posted on our website, and emailed to all eligible voters along with any resumes, qualifications or description of reasons why they should be elected that was submitted by the candidates.

    Voting for the position will commence on the morning of May 11th and end at 5pm on May 15th.  Voting will be done on a secured website to which the Fund staff and Trustees do not have access; they will only be provided the final results once voting has been closed.  The site which will be accessed through a link on our website has a proven track record in handling on-line voting for many Unions across the country.  You will be required to create a username and password with information that only you should know.  If you voted in the last Trustee election then your login information remains the same.  Voting will be open to all current or former members of PBCFR that are enrolled in either medical or dental insurance with the Fund.

    The Trustee position is responsible for adopting an annual budget, determining the medical, dental, vision and life insurance to be provided for the participants of the Insurance Fund; for setting the premium rates for Active, Retired and COBRA participants; for setting the direction of our medical facility, along with many other duties required to operate and set direction for the Insurance Fund.

    The position requires monthly attendance at Board meetings, which are the 3rd Thursday of each month from 9am – 2pm, all special call meetings, and attendance at specifically required training programs.

    Letters of interest and any supporting documentation for the position may be mailed to the Fund, attention Admin Mgr., at the address listed below or; may be email to or; faxed to 561-966-7760.  Please indicate which trustee position you are seeking, Trustee # 9 (currently held by Anthony Tozzi)

    Any and all information as described above will only be done through email and our website.  If we currently do not have your personal email address, please call the Fund office so we can be sure to keep you up to date.

    Any questions may be directed to the Fund’s Administrative Manager Mike Sedgwick @ 561-969-6663


    New Firefighter Cancer Benefits

    One of the requirements of the new firefighter cancer benefits enacted by the State of Florida earlier this year is that you must be covered by the employer’s health insurance.  Why exactly that is a requirement remains unclear as the benefits have no impact on insurance or provide any actual insurance coverage.  For those of you currently covered under other insurance such as a spouse’s employer’s coverage or through the military consideration should be given to enrolling in the Employee Benefits Fund during open enrollment in November.  For more information and to read the full law please visit our web-site. Read the Bill click here.


    NEW BENEFITS FOR 2019!! 

    The Palm Beach Firefighters Employee Benefits Fund will be purchasing Accident and Critical Illness Insurance coverage for our members in 2019 with the option to purchase additional coverage for their families. All Active Fire-Rescue Bargining Unit employees and Retiree's (up to age 65) in the Fund will have $5000 coverage for both plans Effective January 1, 2019. 

    Accident PlanAs part of the new offering, members will be provided a 24 Hour Accident Plan that covers many of the following benefits and lots more…..                 

    • Hospital / ICU Admission Benefits
    • Emergency Treatment
    • Hospital / ICU Daily Confinement (up to 365 days)
    • Fractures     (up to $5,000)
    • Dislocations (up to $3,200)
    • Ambulance Transportation (Ground/Air)
    • Burns/Coma (up to $6,400)
    • Lacerations /Lodging
    • Paralysis

    Benefit payments are paid directly to members to help offset expenses associated with unforeseen accidents throughout the year.  Benefits are portable as well!

    Critical Illness Plan

    Additionally, the Palm Beach Firefighters Employee Benefits Fund will be purchasing a $5,000 Critical Illness policy that covers the following conditions for all members.  In addition to the conditions listed below, we have negotiated a $50 Wellness Benefit to be included as well.  Remember, all benefit payments are made payable to you. 

    Members and their families can purchase an additional $15,000 of benefit with no medical questions/underwriting!

    We trust that you will find these added benefits at no cost a valuable addition for 2019.  Remember, this is your opportunity to purchase additional Critical Illness coverage for yourself and family with no medical underwriting. 

    A more detailed description of both the Accident and Critical Illness plans are available below describing these very important benefit offerings!  Open Enrollment will be on line for you and your family will be in February, 2019!

    Click on benefit below to review details and rates for buy up:

    Employee Critical Illness                                       Retiree Critical Illness

    Employee Accident                                               Retiree Accident

    Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance

      Click here to: Add/change your

    Beneficiary for your Life insurance. 

    Review current policies. 




    New weight loss benefit coming soon: Introducing Real Appeal

    We all want to live a healthy life. Though each of us may have different goals, taking simple steps in the right direction leads to positive life changes and helps us to achieve these goals. That’s why in January we will begin offering a convenient online program called Real Appeal®, available to you and your eligible family members at no additional cost.*

    Real Appeal is a fun and engaging plan that helps you learn simple everyday steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle. When you enroll, you receive:

    • A Transformation Coach who leads weekly online group sessions.
    • Online tools to help you track your food, activity and weight loss progress.
    • A Success Kit with food and weight scales, recipes, workout DVDs and more - shipped to your door.

    To enroll visit the web site below: 

    * Real Appeal is available at no additional cost to employees with our UMR medical plan and their covered spouses and dependents age 18 or older, with a BMI of 23 and higher, subject to eligibility. 


    Clinic Update

    The usage of the Health & Wellness Center continues to grow in popularity.  Visit counts are now averaging just around 96 visits per day, with some weeks averaging over 100 visits per day.  In addition to seeing more patients we are seeing cases with higher acuity, and/or cases where we are doing more in house.  It is not uncommon to have one or more patients receiving IV fluids, with or without antibiotics, at the same time. This means that in addition to seeing more patients on a daily basis our average visit length is longer.

    2019 will see a slight increase in staff both on the floor and behind the scenes as we look to keep the patient flow moving along.  One of the detrimental effects to the clinic becoming busier is the effect on wait times.  Without a doubt mornings are by far the busiest time of the day, urgent care visits, physicals and fasting lab draws are all vying for space.  Naturally if you’re miserable we want you to come in, but if your urgent care issue is not emergent and you can wait until the afternoon hours, you might find your visit less hectic and your waits shorter.

    One of the ways you can be most helpful is to properly plan and make an appointment for your annual physical.  The more stringent your scheduling requests are the sooner you should work on scheduling your annual physical, for example if you only want to see Brad, or you can only do the morning after your shift then the further out you should be working on making your appointment.  The WORST thing you can do is walk-in during the last week of your birthday month without an appointment.

    Another area that has seen tremendous growth for the clinic has been with our pediatric population.  Dr. Desai and now with Dr. Prose’s assistance is seeing an ever growing population of newborns.  We are excited that this portion of our offerings has grown so rapidly, and now with someone here specializing in pediatric services pretty much whenever the clinic is open we expect that growth to continue.

    All in all exit surveys completed by patients continue to give the overall operation along with the staff high marks, and for that we thank you.  We will continue to plan for future growth and expansion, whether onsite or with outlying satellite facilities.  And, as always we thank you for your patronage and your patience.


    Calling all Newborns………

    And all pediatric patients.  We are very excited about our pediatric program established by Dr. Dhrupa Desai; it has been widely accepted and supported by all of our new and experienced parents.  Our program is a first of its kind, of all the concierge practices out there none focus on our younger populations like we do. Personalized care with longer patient/provider interaction time, we will provide personal quality care for your child from the day they are born, starting with the very first visit the day after you leave the hospital. We will provide for all of your child’s well visit needs including tracking growth and all the recommended vaccines right here in the comfort of your own private facility.

    If you haven’t tried us for your child’s health care needs please make an appointment with Dr Desai to see what we can do for you and your child. Be sure to bring your child with you as there is nothing more important than both the parents and the children being comfortable with their health care provider.  If you are planning on starting a family or just have a new bundle of joy on the way, again, come meet with Dr. Desai and learn how your little ones can experience the world of concierge health care.

    What's New at Benefits Fund
    2020 Open Enrollment
    .
    2019 Open Enrollment
    FIREFIGHTERS BENEFITS FUND OPEN ENROLLMENT For coverage beginning January 1, 2019     MEDICAL & DENTAL INSURANCES WHEN:  NOVEMBER 1, 2018 - NOVEMBER 30, 2018    All employees of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue are eligible to participate in the Palm Beach County Firefighters Employee Benefits Plan. Read More...
    History of Employer Contributions
    History of Employer Contributions Several facts of life exist in the insurance industry and certainly our Fund is no exception.  Medical trend, the cost of providing/receiving medical care rises much quicker than any other inflationary indicator. The annual average medical trend for our insurance Fund over the last 14 years was 9.64%. Read More...
    Financial Update of the Fund
    Financial Update As we approach the halfway mark for the year the Fund is on track to perform as projected.  If everything stays on course we can expect to add slightly to our growing reserves.  Reserves are used to smooth out the rough times when claims spike in order to keep premiums and benefits steady. Read More...
    Annual Board of Trustees Workshop
    Annual Board of Trustees Workshop Every August the Board of Trustees meets with staff to review the current year’s budget and staff’s proposal for the following year’s budget.  Before the following year’s budget is approved the Board must decide what, if any, changes must be made to the premium structure or the benefits offered. Read More...


    If you are currently expecting a new baby in your life don’t forget about the Benefits Fund Cord Blood harvesting and cryogenic storage program.  For only $100 out of your pocket you can protect your newborn from numerous health issue’s.  The Fund will pick up the balance of the cost for harvesting the stem cells and storing them for 18 years…….. It’s well worth the small investment on your part.

    Call the Fund office to get a brochure and contact information for the Stem Cell Cryobank  located at the Bethesda Health City on Hagen Ranch Road in Boynton Beach.

    We will also cover your future storage fees if you had your child's cord blood stored with another vendor prior to the Fund implementing the program in January 2011, call the Fund office for more details.


    UMR.COM Access 

    We hope that you have had an opportunity to experience the enhanced services on and will find that the new features increase the productivity of your day-to-day benefit-related tasks.

    Please remember to use your new login information to access

    Click here for a flyer that you can use as a reminder to set up your new access to

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April 02, 2020
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