Updated On: Dec 364, 2021
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One of the more exciting proposals to come out of the 2020 Board Workshop is the addition of a new 
choice for dental coverage. The current selections will remain, with an additional “High PPO” 
option for only
a few dollars more per month.  The High plan will offer an additional $1,000 per year in coverage 
and an additional $500 lifetime in orthodontia coverage. All other coverage features remain 

Obviously, if you do not have a need for orthodontia services, or generally have good dental 
health, upgrading may not make sense, but now the option is there. And each year you will be able 
to switch back and forth between Plans to suit your personal or family needs.

The three options available are the low cost HMO plan, the current PPO plan which has a $3,000 
annual limit and a $2,500 lifetime orthodontia benefit (which will now be referred to as the “Low 
PPO” option), and the new addition (“High PPO”) which will have an annual limit of $4,000 and a 
lifetime orthodontia limit of $3,000. Any amount used under the previous PPO plan will transfer to 
the High PPO plan if you choose
to upgrade, i.e. if you used $2,000 of the orthodontia benefit under the current plan and upgrade 
to the new High PPO, plan there will be
$1,000 of lifetime orthodontia benefit available.

The new High PPO plan is only $1.05 more per paycheck for a single, and only $3.72 more per 
paycheck for a full family. Dental rates for the HMO Plan and the current plan (newly named Low PPO 
option) remain unchanged for 2021. You can view all the dental rates on the Fund’s web-site to 
decide which option is right for you. If you wish to make any changes to your dental plan you will 
need to make those changes during Open Enrollment.

Rates for the High PPO plan are based on 30% of our dental participants moving to the High PPO 
option, and rates could change slightly if that
percentage is higher or lower than projected.

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