2022 Medical/Dental & Supplemental Plans
Posted On: Dec 30, 2021

Insurance Plan Changes for 2022


The Board of Trustees met in late August for their annual workshop to set the budgets for the Health & Wellness Center and the Insurance Fund. Because of the uncertainty of the future in the insurance industry the Board elected to not make any significant changes to the Insurance Plan.


As you might recall in last year’s newsletter we discussed that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Insurance Fund had a lot less claims for elective surgeries and other items because doctors’ offices and hospitals were closed for elective procedures. There was uncertainty as to what 2021 would bring if all these elective items materialized on top of what we would normally incur in a Plan year. So far 2021 has not turned into the nightmare it had the potential to be. Covid has not disappeared so there may continue to be elective procedures out there that are being suspended. The claims to the Insurance Fund for this year remain on budget, but the uncertainty of the future remains.


One change that the Board made to the Insurance Plan for next year was to reduce the maximum annual out of pocket from $3,400 to $3,000 for any one individual and reduced the family maximum out of pocket from $6,400 to $6,000.


Dental and New Supplemental Plans


The Board also made some changes to the supplemental Accident, Critical Illness and Dental policies, for an overview of those changes please read the adjoining articles. All in all, the Insurance Fund remains healthy and the Board is diligently watching claims on a weekly basis to determine future actions, if required.






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