Annual Board of Trustees Workshop
Posted On: Jun 18, 2018

Annual Board of Trustees Workshop

Every August the Board of Trustees meets with staff to review the current year’s budget and staff’s proposal for the following year’s budget.  Before the following year’s budget is approved the Board must decide what, if any, changes must be made to the premium structure or the benefits offered.  Any changes in these two areas will be reflective of whether there are impacts due to the current CBA and the projections of the following year’s budget.

Last year we issued a survey prior to the annual workshop asking all participants what changes they would like to see.  The changes could be monetary, or they could be just on the general direction of the Fund.  The survey is in the final stages of being constructed and a link will be emailed to you soon.  Please take a moment and let us know your thoughts so that we may have the opportunity to serve you better.  Naturally everyone would like premiums reduced and benefits increased, but of course the Board has to keep the long term interests of the Fund in mind.  Rest assured Board members and staffs are affected by the same changes as well, and that no change is taken lightly or without understanding the long term implications.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey once the link is provided to you. Thank You

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