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    Congratulations to the Board members who retain their seats for another 5 years.
    Original Message sent 05/06/21 As things continue to improve and life slowly gets back to normal we have decided that we will return to normal here at the Health & Wellness Center. Effective immediately we will resume full normal operating hours, Monday - Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.
    INSURANCE PREMIUM CHANGES FOR 2021     There will only be minor Health Insurance premium changes for 2021. With 2020 being such a unique  year for insurance companies as a whole and our Plan being no different, the Board decided that  they would keep premiums about the same until we see how 2021 develops.
    NEW DENTAL PLAN AVAILABLE IN 2021     One of the more exciting proposals to come out of the 2020 Board Workshop is the addition of a new  choice for dental coverage. The current selections will remain, with an additional “High PPO”  option for only a few dollars more per month.
    What We Do

    Provide high quality health, dental & life insurance benefits to our Fire Rescue employees and their families.
    Who We Are

    A Self Insured Insurance Trust Fund that was established 10/1/1984 with the best interest of the Fire Rescue family in mind with regard to their health and welfare. 

    Who We Represent

    We are proud to cover over 5500 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue active & retired members and their families.

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    SavRX On-line Prescription Refill 

    Visit www.umr.com/oss/cms/UMR/Choice_Plus_Excl.html!

    Click Link Below:
    For PPO Click "National Options Plan 30" then click "Find a Dentist"
    For HMO Click Solstice Plan "S700B" then click "Find a Dentist" 



    Life Insurance • Critical Illness • Accident

    Please Beware of COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud and Scams

    Please Beware of COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud and Scams We have seen an increased rate of fraud and scams related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Please be aware of fraud: If someone calls, texts, or emails you or a family member promising access to the vaccine for a fee, you should not share your personal or financial information.

    Coronavirus Update #17

    Original Article posted 03/04/2021  Covid-19 Antibody Infusion Treatment Finally after many months of trying we now have the Bamlanivimab Covid-19 Antibody treatment at the Wellness Center. If you qualify for it we can immediately start the treatment which is an IV infusion. This medication has great results in arresting the developments of Covid-19.

    Coronavirus Update #16

    Original message sent October 07, 2020 Currently the number of people that show up at the Wellness Center with symptoms that could be considered possible COVID-19 related is less than 10 per day, and most days it is around 3-5 per day. Additionally, the rate of positive results has dropped significantly, plus we haven't had a hospitalized COVID patient in quite some time.

    Coronavirus Update #15

    Original message sent August 26, 2020 As we continue to operate under the Coronavirus situation all healthy patient visits will be done by appointment only. This would include all physicals, i.e. firefighters, spouses, retirees and school/sports physicals.

    It’s not just for employees!

    All participants of the PBC FF’s Employee Benefits Fund are eligible to use the EAP network of over 20 local providers.  Wide variety of counseling services are available, and the best part…………

    It’s absolutely

    100% confidential

    Call Ellen Flaum, Administrator of the EAP @ 561-968-1505 to get started today.



    Cord Blood (Stem Cell)


    Adult Stem Cell

    Ask for


    When having blood drawn at the doctors office.


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